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Missing Persons Database


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Database 18



Carole Short, last seen in Glasgow 1984-86.Was married to Andrew,Sir name not known.Lived in Shawlands.Your Brother Kenneth Short lives in the USA, Washington State. We are also looking for your brother Ronnie, if you are out there please contact your Uncle Andy, 848, Pollokshaws road. Glasgow,G41- 2BQ, OR  or me your Cousin Fionna on all miss you and your brother, especially Kenny in the US, AS Im helping him trace his family.

Ronnie Short if you are out there, please contact your brother Kenny in America, on , he lives in Washington state USA.or Andy and Pauline Short, 848, Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, Scotland, G41-2BQ. Please contact your Family Ronniex

      I am seeking relatives of John Philip Hunter, born 25/09/1907. Any information would be appreciated.
      #Melanie, Australia 

      Ten years ago I had friends in Maida Vale. Phil G. worked at the greengrocer and Tommy F. lived at 19 Clifton Villas. Other friends were Dez and Joe the lion. Does anyone know them?
      #Lisa Scheuermann 

      I am trying to trace family history from the Uk with the surname of Lalbahadur/ Bahadur/ Kunai or Gungaram. We do have relatives residing in the UK but have lost contact with them. They originate from India.

      Trying to reach Merlin Oliver (Howard). Last known address Stamford Hill/Haringey - London N16/N8. Green Castle Estate, PO Box 16, Annotto Bay, St Mary, Jamaica, Tel: (876) 996 2336, Fax: (876) 999 7093.

      I'm looking for a long lost friend, Jamila Fatima Vesamia (Vasamia) immigrant from Daresalam, Uganda, East Africa, family home in Knightsbridge London, whom I last saw in 1964 in Handsworth, Birmingham, England. Call me or write P.O. Box CB-11539, Nassau, Bahamas. Telephone 242-393-5212 home 242-393-2830 work.
      #Pargan Ram Pawar, A.K.A.

      Distant Aussie relative would like to contact David A. Skelton or his sister, Sylvia A. Street (nee Skelton) b.1930's in the Hackney region. Their mother was Phyllis Balfour (b.1906) married to George A. Skelton.
      #Hilary Mackenzie

      #Green Castle Estate 

      Looking for Lynn Roberts (Clapperton) or Nancy, mother's name Ella. Last contact Goring Heath (Oberursal, Germany, 1972). Mother may still be living in Reading.
      #Kelly Speer 

      Looking for Father's family members. His name Leslie Raine, parents were Thomas & Lilly Ann and lived in the Yorkshire area. My father came to Canada circa 1926.

      Looking for Bibi Isha Mohamed. She may be known as Carmen. She is from guyana and went to England early sixties. She was married to british soldier with possible last name James. Please call her nephew Imran at 9196618288 collect.

           Looking for reletives of Tom Dimbler. Sisters Rose & Ilene, brother Peter. Contact daughter of Tom via e-mail or phone 705-652-3752.
      #Kate Dimbler, Canada 

      Looking for the family of Francis Joseph Loe, a stationer, my great grandfather, who died March 1913 Grove Green Rd., Leytonstone. My grandmother, Hannah (Chubb) Loe, daughters Charlotte, Hannah, Edith, and Ethel (all born Mile End in the 1880s) were living in the 1920s in London. Francis had brothers Henry James and Walter.
      #Brian Manson 

      Anyone who is related to Jill Wilson e-mail me, ok. Thank you. Hope there are relatives out there, ex John Wilson and Janet Wilson.
      #Wanda, USA 

      Looking for any friends of Peter Cogan, who lived in South London until 1986 and worked at Claridge's Hotel during that time.
      #Peter, USA 

      Looking for my cousins Roy and Harold Selwin, sons of Betty and David. My parents Rhea and Irving Copeland visited with Betty and David in Hove in the late 70s. Further details can be supplied if required. Postal address 145 Thornway Ave. Thornhill ON L4J 7Z3.
      #Gail Copeland, Canada 

      I have been trying to find my son, Christopher Anthony Jones, born 20 June 1954. His mother is Thelma (Terri) Holmes and maybe she is living in London.
      #Sydney Jones, Australia 

      I'm trying to locate a lost relative in UK named Eric John Florence, born Dec. 1914. Once married to Enid, daughters Yvonne & Diane. Lived in Bognor Regis (1940s). If you are a relative or have any information please contact me.
      #Carrie Grimes, USA 

      Looking for relatives of Ronald Patrick Cook born in Maidstone, Kent in 1924. I am his son Warren. His parents were Henry and Winnie formerly Burton.
      #Warren Randall 

      Looking for grandson Mark A. Bowen, son of Julia. Her father is John Hickson. Mark was born 9-29-1978, in the USA.
      #Joanne Bowen, USA 

      Trying to locate the family of Vi Whitney (nee Lawrence) in greater london area. She has a daughter, Daphne, and a sister, Winifred, who imigrated to canada in early 30's.
      #Lawrence Mackenzie



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