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This is a list of useful Web-Sites to help you in your search

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Missing Persons Throughout the World


Missing You - UK missing persons




America's Most Wanted    - Popular FOX TV show hosted by John Walsh identifies fugitives

Arthur Deering - Reward offered to find Artie Deering who has been missing since June 1998.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Most Wanted - Information about missing fugitives being sought.

Downtown Vancouver-eastside - Message board and links for missing people in Vancouver

Find People - Search and post the names of missing friends on the forum.

Friends Club - Postings for people in search of lost friends.

Homeless and Missing Persons Project - Locator assistance, advice and ideas to help find missing people.

Instant Technologies - View open cases, post reports. Over 1000 success stories.

InternetPI - Registry and missing person info, also sells books on locating missing persons.

Missing Friends Online Database - Free search site - is anyone looking for you?

Missing Military Personnel - Department of Defense effort to account for those missing in action.

Missing People - Interactive POW/MIA search and persons missing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Missing People in North Carolina - Online registry for North Carolina missing persons

Missing People Organization - Mailing list enrollment form for missing persons newsletter.

Missing Person Registry - Fee based missing persons database.

Missing Persons Cybercenter - Offers BBS, articles, and information on locating missing persons

Missing Persons Profiles - Post information about your own missing loved ones.

Missing Relatives Board - A bulletin board for searching and posting missing persons/relatives.

Missing You - Post a message for missing persons in the UK.

National Missing Persons Helpline - Assistance for families and missing persons in the UK.

National Missing Persons Unit - Helpful information and coordination for persons missing in Australia.

Navy Spies - Some free searches, tips and tricks to help you with your investigation

North America Missing Persons Bureau - Free professional advice, feature articles, and message board.

Peacenet - Assistance in locating missing persons in Kosovo and the Balkins

Relinking - Post info about yourself in case people are looking for you.

Reunite - Help in finding long lost friends and family in the UK.

Reuniting Veteran's Families - Listings for missing family members who are US military veterans.

Roll Call ReCall - WWII Veterans may leave messages for others who served.

Runaway Children - Process to contact your runaway child in a non-threatening way.

Terminal Illness Emergency Search - Serves terminally ill adoptees who need to locate missing relatives.

Unclaimed Persons - National database of unidentified deceased people.

Unsolved Mysteries - Follow the stories featured on this popular televison show.

Where Are They - Featuring missing person, criminal, and John Doe cases.

Who? Me? - Post your own identifying information in case someone else is looking for you.