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Database 12

"Pat Carlson(nee Russell)"


"9 Stevens Drive Ridgehaven Sth Aust 5097 Ph 08 8265 2296",

"I'm looking for Isobel Docherty who came out to Australia

 with me on the SS Ormonde, arriving in Adelaide Sth Aust

 on 19/1/49, We then went to Goodwood Orphanage.",

Peter S Pellett

My father is a Home Boy came to Canada in 1921.He was sent 
here by Barnardos.lived a hard life on a farm in Ontario,Canada.
He had a sister and a brother.His sister he did not see till
 62 years later his brother he still has not seen or know his
 His mother remarried and has died he is 93years old now and has
 3 grown chrildren and many grandchildren.One last wish he has
 and that is to know where his mom is buried.What sickens me is
 on the Barnardos web page they pass themselfs off as dogooder
 of the children which they are not.Barnardos and others who sent
 children to other countries should be ashame and not patting 
themselfs on the back if they do want to correct there pass 
action then they must do all they can to help these children
 who are now adults and still suffering.Yes suffering because 
Barnardos and other are still refuseing to remove barriers they
 have place.
June Howlett
Kathleen or Gladys BELL

Looking for information on Kathleen Bell, born Scotland sep 15th 
1922 daughter of Gladys. Kathleen was sent to Australia on board 
the Moreton Bay October 1934 as a child migrant to Kingsley Fairbridge 
Farm School.
Kathleens mother was once known to live at Dales Street Cottages, 
Wednesbury, Staffordshire. We need help with any information at all.
Many Thanks
Belinda Hazzledine
(03) 97734598 (AH) and (03) 96138859 (BH)

I would like to hear from anyone that came to Australia on the
 SS Iberea which departed the UK around 19 March 1955 or the 
SS Stratheden which arrived in Sydney Australia around 9 May 1955
Ciara Mc Lernon
6 Killyfad rd, Randalstown, Co. Antrim, BT41 3LZ 

I am A sixth form student at St Marys Grammar School Magherafelt
 and at present I am studying for my 'A' Levels.  There is a 
group of local students involved in a project based on a 
documentary called, "The Leaving Of Liverpool".  we would very
 much appreciate if anyone would like to help us with our 
research.  We are looking for a story that we as dramatic art 
students can reinact and hopefully show to the public.  We want
 to tell the public of what has gone on and we want to touch 
them the way in which the children themselves were.  We want
 to make more people aware that this has really happened.  We
 would be grateful of written work, or a contact number. 
  Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Yours sincerely Ciara Mc Lernon
brenda christianson


have been trying to trace joseph martin dob april 3 1886 in
 queenstown ireland.can't seem to find any thing before 1906
 any ideas thanks brenda
Anne Nazari
Telephone Melbourne Australia. (03) 9741 2626
I have names, birthdates and other personal information of
children who were sent to Melbourne Australia aboard the
ship "Maloja" in 1951. I can be contacted by email or phone.

Betty DesRoche


Hi , l am looking for two sisters of my father , their names
 are Mary Alice and Olive Warburton, l realize they may have
 married, but l do noy know they married names , they were born
 in Winsfords/Wharton area of Cheshire England to John William
 and Edith (Hatton) Warburton, they were born around 1910-1911.
My dad was sent here to Canada as a home child in 1923, l know
 they were all placed in the workhouse in Northwich in Dec 1911,
 they were all very young . My dad was sent to various homes in
 England before being sent to Canada when he was 14yrs old, l 
just thought maybe the girls might have been sent to Australia. 
l thank you kindly   BETTY
Marion Mabire Gray


Is there anyone out there who went to Australia on the SS Barradine
 or a similar name.  I am looking for Blanche Mabire who went out
 on that ship.

Also looking for Laura Mabire who went to Canada.  I have no information 
on I know where married a William Bang.  Thanks for your help.

Marion Mabire Gray
Joanne Thoma


Winter, John migrated to Canada
1887.  He was a BHC.  Looking for
any info.

I just found this site surfing. It is amazing the information 
available on and through this site. Congratulations to whoever
 had the idea to set it up, and I hope it does some good.
 If nothing else it has been an eye opener for me.
debby wilson

Thank you for asking if you can link my web site 
to yours, it would be a priviledge to be linked to such a wonderful
 knowledgeable site such as this.  I wish you well in your venture. 
 debby and all at the familycircle
jenny nicholson
via email or fax 08 87235770

trying to trace 3 children who lived in the orphanage in Rushden,
Northamptonshire, UK.
Attended Alfred St Primary School 1955-58 approx. Tall older boy,
younger boy, younger girl. Suddenly disappeared and the orphanage
 was closed. Think they were sent to Australia. Have always been
 in my thoughts.
Kim Williams


I am looking for any information on my Great Grandfather Francis
 "Frank" Edward Malin, and his siblings.  I know he was
 born 12 Sep 1897, in Birmingham, England.  I know he was a 
Home Child, and sent to Canada on 25 May 1909 on the 
SS Carthagininian from Liverpool, he arrived in Halifax, 
Nova Scotia, Canada on 9 Jun 1909.  I do not any more except
 that the party on the passengers list states the party as
 being Middlemore.  I know that his parents were Frederick
 Malin & Martha Shepherd.  I have been told that Martha died
 when the children were young.  I have from the passenger 
list 2 names of which I know were my great grandfathers
 sisters.  I know that when my ggrandfather was in World
 War 1 that his father was living at 7 Court 5th House 
Digbeth,Birmingham,England.  If anyone can help I would
 be so happy and greatful.
Kim Williams
Shelburne,Nova Scotia


I have been searching for my fathers family for ages, 
he came to Canada in 1928, and the ship he came on was 
the Cedric, he was in one of Barnardo's homes in 
England.I have written letters and e mailed numerous
 agenies and they all come up empty.  I have my fathers
 birth certificate so I know he was born in England,
 he had a Mother listed, but no Father. I made inquiries
 about the Mother who I didn't know even existed as father
 never talked about her. He was ashamed of his childhood,
 and ralked very little of it.He told me before he passed
 away, that I should read the book "The Little Immigrants"
 and this would giv eme some idea of what he went through.
 I do know he spent time on the Canadian praries as a farm
 hand, and was treated like filth. He didn't talk much
 about his childhood in england other than he was in a
 home run by nuns.NO one in England will look for records
 and every letter comes back with a negative answer. 
No one cares still about these people even if they have
 passed away.
Carol Cassell 


Searching for lost members of the Fitzpatrick family.
Charles Albert Fitzpatrick died in 1928/9 from a medical
 condition.  He was a Petty Officer Stoker in the Royal
 Navy.  His wife was named Mary and was possibly Scottish.
  The couple had three children, twins - a girl and boy 
and in 1928 a brother Gerald Raymond Fitzpatrick.  My 
Grandparents George & Emily Fitzpatrick adopted adopted
 Gerald.  His birth mother moved to Southampton and 
family lore says the children may have ended up in a 
home.  We have a photograph of the twins at about age 5
 so they could be quite a bit older than Gerald. 
 Any assistance in tracing the twins or their families
 would be appreciated.   

Derek Brennan




I am trying to trace my brother-in-law who I believe was sent
 to Australia between 1959 - 1960 the approx year of his birth. 
 His name was Gary Lamont-Belcher. Someone saw a picture of a 
man, who had strong family resemblances, in an Australian Rubgy
Magazine - so has he an interest?
I guess he would be around 6 foot tall and he would have dark 
hair (possibly greying now) but plenty of it.  I would really 
like to trace him as I am sure he doesn't know about the two 
brothers he has here and the extended family of course!

Thanking you in anticipation.
Michael J Martin

I have only just discovered this web page and like what I see. 
My father was a child migrant sent to Fremantle in 1948, to Swan 
Homesrun by the Anglican church.  He had two brothers, but due 
to their new living arrangements, grew apart and eventually lost
touch 5 years ago while reading the paper, he saw his brothers
name in the death notices, he was aged 58, they had not seen each
other for about 30 years.  Upon attending the funeral he discovered
a niece and just recently a second one, and seven great nieces and
nephews. We have been getting assistance through the Child Migrant Trust
in Perth and after discussing some things, I went home and did a web search
for a contact and after an hour had found my grandfather and had spoken
 to my step grandmother on the phone.  My grandfather is deaf.  My 
father got to speak to his stepmother and now we are hoping to get to 
the UK to see them.  They were very excited to hear from us and have also
 been looking for us, but have had no success.  I hope that this 
gives some people the inspiration to keep looking, it took me twelve 
years, and he was right under my nose all the time.
I'm looking for UNA THERESA GOODWIN for a friend a may of migrated
Born : London : Hammersmith
If you are the daughter of Mathilda Goodwin and you went into Nazerth
 House Hammersmith in August 1928 you may not know you have a sister
 Wyn who has been looking for you for many years. Please make contact
 with me as I'm a friend of Wyn trying to assist her search.
 She does not have email access but I will pass on any messages. 

margaret hogan


I am working on the family history of the Rice family and the
 Collins family.  They are my maternal ancestors and they
 came to the U.S.A. in the early 1900s. Other names in those
 family trees are Farmer, Kearney (variations of the Kearney
 name exist).  Both the Collins and the Rices came to the 
U.S. from Scotland but were originally from Ireland as were 
the other names given.  Does anyone have any information on
 those names.  I would be most appreciative.  Margaret Hogan
Sandie Bateman
research project

I am a Social Work Student undertaking my MA. Trying to 
interview any people visiting England.Have undertaken two,
 so far seeking three more people. Can anyone help me. Thanks!
Sandie Bateman
research project

I am a social work student undertaking a MA. I am trying to
 find former child migrants in England to interview. I have
 done two interviews and am seeking another three people.
 If you can help please email me at
Thank you for taking the time to read this. from sandie
Robin Harritt


I would particularly like to contact any one who has approached
 Barnardos After Care or Counselling Services Project at Barkingside
 UK, for access to  records of their time in Barnardos' care or 
adoption records, and have found the response that they received
 to be unsatisfactory.
Barnardos' policy on adoptees access to records can be seen at :

I can be contacted by leaving a message at +44 207 691 9668

Via web mail at

or e-mail

Or by post to:

Robin Harritt, 
Burton End
Stansted Mountfitchet
CM24 8UF

Many thanks for reading this.

Robin Harritt


I would particularly like to contact any one who has approached Barnardos 
After Care 
or Counselling Services Project at Barkingside UK, for access to records
 of their time in
 Barnardos' care or adoption records, and have found the response that
 they received to be unsatisfactory.

Barnardos' policy on adoptees access to records can be seen at 

I can be contacted by leaving a message at +44 207 691 9668 

Via web mail at 

or e-mail 

Or by post to: 

Robin Harritt, Bontddu Burton End Stansted Mountfitchet Essex
 CM24 8UF UK 

Many thanks for reading this. 


By e-mail

I am tring to find anyone with the surname PEMBRO or
 SHELBROOKE. If you know anyone with this surname please 
can you get in touch. If you are looking at this from any 
country outside the U.K. please could you check the
 electorial register / voting records in your country for
 these two surnames - exact spellings only please. I am
 told there is a PEMBRO in Australia do you know them? 
Thank you for any help recieved in advance.
geoff crimes


trying to contact ken pinchess,ex rhodesia fairbridge
 memorial college
Henry Wheeler


Would like to hear from anyone who came with the 1930 
party to Picton, I know there can't be too many of us 
left, I have turned 80
I will answer right away
Sandie Mather
Seeking Former British Child Migrants

MA Social Work Student seeking former British Child Migrants
 who may be visiting the UK to interview, have already 
interviewed two persons and seeking another three persons
 for my dissertation, confidentiality ensured. Thankyou, 
Lillian Long was Miller


Looking for Thomas Miller, was the Wine waiter on the
SS Stratheden in 1952. Brother of Lillian Winifred Miller.
Both orphans.
eheath @
01273 -553266

A Very well constructed site.
I find the contents too emotional to dwell on.
As a Catholic I find that what the church did was unforgivable
 and it leads me to question the whole mystery of faith.
Thank you very much for bringing this site to my attention
Patrick Sewart
Colleen McMenemy


I am trying desperately to find some information on my father
 who was transported to Australia by the Catholic church 
after WW11.His name is David Mcmenemy and his father was
 Neil Hastie (?)McMenemy.Can anyone help me to find my 
father's family?he was born in Glasgow.
Michelle Shakespeare-Martin
847 836 5106

I am looking for any information someone might have on
two brothers, one of whom was my great-grandfather:
Henry Shakespeare born 1893 in Birmingham England;
-George Henry Shakespeare born 1891 same place;
They both arrived on the SS Siberian to St John in 1905
 via Middlemores Homes. They then joined the Canadian 
Expeditionary Force around 1914.

I'm looking for that gap in time from 1905-1914-i.e who 
they stayed with etc. but can't seem to find anything!

Much appreciated
Michelle Shakespeare-Martin
847 836 5106

I am looking for any information someone might have
 on two brothers, one of whom was my great-grandfather:
-Alfred Henry Shakespeare born 1893 in Birmingham England;
-George Henry Shakespeare born 1891 same place;
They both arrived on the SS Siberian to St John in 1905 via
 Middlemores Homes. They then joined the Canadian 
Expeditionary Force around 1914.

I'm looking for that gap in time from 1905-1914-i.e who 
they stayed with etc. but can't seem to find anything!

Much appreciated
Roy Stacey


To Patrick Sewart (

Have read your  message on the Site, and felt compelled
 to add my own few words. Our sister Valerie Ann Stacey, 
was banished (I use the word advisedly) to Australia in
 1949 as part of the Child Migrants Scheme. I was split
 from her and my two brothers. I never saw Valerie again,
 and my two brothers and I were only reunited 9 months ago.
 I was educated as a Roman Catholic and even though I 
lapsed from that faith as a young man, I always felt 
obliged to defend the Catholic faith against any criticism. 
It was only when the full horror of Child Migration became 
known to me last year that I ceased my defence of that 
Church and accepted in my own mind that the Roman Catholic
 church believes itself to be omnipotent, incapable of 
doing wrong and has therefore no intention whatsover of
 apologising or making restitution for the grievous sins 
committed by its leaders  in urging on the Child Migration
 Scheme, taking a full part in it,allowing its 'servants'to
 abuse children and then doing everything in its power to 
cover up its actions, including falsification of legal
 documents. A comparison between the operation of the
 Catholic church in Britain and Commonwealth countries, 
and the operation of the 'ethnic cleansing' horrors 
carried out by the Nazi government just a few years 
previously is not far-fetched. However I have to add that
 blame is obviously not confined to the Catholic Church.
 Throughout my life I have been proud to be British, but
 that pride was severely dented upon learning of the 
British Governments part in the Scheme, and its continuing
 efforts to try to avoid admitting how wrong it was. This
 leaves a very large stain on the pages of the history of
 this country,and this stain will continue to spread until 
our politicians have the 'guts' to do something about it.
Roy Stacey
Dorothy Taylor
Seeking - Joyce Taylor (b: 9-1-1935, UK)

We are seeking the whereabouts of a lady whose birth name
 was Joyce Taylor. She was one of a family of 5 sisters split
 up in the late 1940s in Surrey, England. She was put into 
care - fostered or simply temporarily looked after 
(but not adopted) - with the CORAL family at 36 Kings Road, 
 Flitwick, Bedfordshire in the late 1940s. She attended the
 National Institute of Houseworkers in Harrow.

After that she moved to stay briefly with the TUFFILL family 
in Walton-on-Thames. The last address that we have for her
 from the Social Service records is c/o Harry and Pauline
 Tuffill at 54 Sandy Way, Walton on Thames.

Joyce’s official records cease in the early 1950s and we 
suspect that she might have emigrated as a child migrant at
 that time. Of the 5 sisters 3 have been found and reunited in
 the last two years. They had not seen each other for over 50 
years. Last year Margaret and Christine met their youngest
 sister Dorothy for the first time in 54 years!!

Now we need to find the eldest sister Joyce. If you have any 
 ideas for this search please let us know. Thank you.
Features Bristol Evening Post 01179 343341

I am a reporter from the Bristol Evening Post and trying 
to investigate Nazareth House - an orphange in Bristol 
(Somerset) from where hundreds of children were sent to
 Australia, I think some to Bindoon. I have spoken to 
children from Nazareth house who have alleged severe 
physical and sustained sexual abuse.
I would like anyone who attended Nazareth House in the UK 
and to contact me with their memories and what happened 
to them. Thank you.
barbara powell


Searching for my father's family.  He was 8 years old
 when he was sent from England to Australia under the
 Fairbridge scheme in 1928.  He was at the Dorney 
Children's Home, Dorney, near Windsor, Bucks, 1923-1927,
 previously at The Orphange, South Farm, West Overton,
 near Marlborough, Wilts, presumably born 1919.
  Guardian: Lady Beatrice Headlam who ran the Dorney 
Homes along with financial assistance from Jim and Violet
 Walker (Walker Whisky).  My father's name was Albert 
(Bertie) Powell.  He had three sisters.  Known by his 
dear friend (Sapper) Leslie A. Sargent from Islington,
 a Royal Engineer in the Second World War who told my 
father he had three sisters.  Searching for these three
 sisters, my aunties.  Possibly Beryl Chapman, Marjory
 Joyce Powell (nee Finnemore) are associated or linked.
  Also searching for anyone linked to Leslie A. Sargent
 or former orphans from the Dorney Children's Home in

barbara powell


June Howlett regarding Kathleen Bell who came to
 Fairbridge.  Please get in touch.  I am also researching
 Fairbridge history and Old Fairbridgians.  May be able
 to suggest some help.
Margaret McGill
The Bartlet Sisters  18888 Barnardos

I have been fortunate to have rec'd some information
 from the Barnardos Head Offices aftercare regarding 
my g. grandmother Lydia Bartlett but still have not
 rec'd her birthdate, port of departure or arrival in
 Canada. She was living in or near Norwood Lambeth 
area of London with a widowed mother and two sisters
 when she was sent to Canada with sister Annie. They
 were aged 8 and 10 and have been unable to find out
 the ship they were sent on in 1888
Any help will be most appreciated.
carol groves [nee cornall]


hi i came to australia with my parent,s in october 1950,
on the s,s,ormonde,i made a couple of friend,s from these
 children,would love to cotact them now,ARNOLD MURPHY,
about 15 ,and EVELYN GOWER,she was about 13 ,ARNOLD went
Audrey Mills Roley


I am researching my grandmother, Florence Cecelia Hussey.
  She always said that she came around the Horn with a 
Roman Catholic priest and was turned over to the Sisters 
of St.Ann in about 1885 in kVictoria B.C. Canada.  I have
 researched their informatlion. There are no records 
explaining her arrival or why she was sent there. Any
 help appreciated.  I have just left a message wlith the
 Nugent  Society.  Also I have contacted the Oblique 
Brothers and they have no informatlion about her.
Ron Foster
Please contact on Email

Looking for information on Arthur (Archie) William
 Fearn born 5 April 1913.  He was a child emigrant 
to Australia under auspices of the Child Emigration
 Society.  Sailed to Australia on the SS Baradine and
 recorded on passenger list lodged with the UK Board
 of Trade on 20 December 1923.  The Child Emigration
 Society was subsequently reconstituted as Fairbridge
 FArm School, so it is thought likely that he probably
 attended the Fairbridge Farm School at Pinjarra,
 Western Australia.  Please contact me by Email at with any information.
D. Clark


Trying to locate info re: Agnes Milson, born 
1900/1901 in England, was in the Barnardoes Girls
 Village Home, Barkingside, Essex, sent to Canada
 on SS Tunisian July 1910.  Died Tweed, Ontario Dec 
9th, 1927.  Looking for info about birth family in
 UK, place of birth, ?siblings etc.  All info 
gratefully receieved.
David Scarlett


I live in the city of Hull east
Yorkshire.If anyone needs information etc regarding this
City I will be only too pleased
to help.I have deep sympathy for
people in your situation.
Susan Thackeray


My own mother was in care but fortunately not sent 
abroad, but I have a keen interest in helping to 
trace relatives due to some of the friends that 
my mother had who had no knowledge of their own 
families, and  helping them find  a relative of 
their own. I live in the Hampshire area of  the
 U.K. and would be very interested to help anyone
 who needs anything looking up over here, if it is
 within my ability to do so. 


Elvet, Ted & Helga
Evelyn Ann Beyer nee Britton

To all those out there looking for lost families. Take heart
 keep looking and in the end you will find joy as we have as
 a family been put back together after 60 years. Our happiness
 is here and will go on for ever now we have our sister back
 where she and her family belong. Thank you all who made this 
Jenny Size


Friend seeking information on Barwell Boys Scheme(farm boys 
sent to South Australia) for University Degree.Time frame
 1921 to 1924. Appreciate help.
Damian A Chittock
St Francis' Boy's Home, Shefford, Bedfordshire, UK.

Boys were sent from St Fancis' Boy's Home, Shefford 
Bedfordshire, England to Canada? Australia. The Society
 responsible for St Francis' Boy's Home is still in
 existance and peoples records are available. I can be 
contacted on (020 London code for UK users 7780-9246)
I lived at the Home between 1959 and 1968. I have a legal
 case against the Society for abuse coming to court in two 
weeks at the Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London.
Glenda Richards


I am searching for any information of my father-in-law.
His name was William Richards and he supposedly was sent
to Canada in the very early 1920's at the age of 11 years
Upon his arrival here he was sent to a farm in St. Marys
 in Ontario where he was not treated kindly.  He told 
his children that his mother was a nurse and that she 
was killed in WW1.  We believe him to be from Barnardo's
 but nothing is definite at this time.  Is there anyone
 who might have any ships names for these BHC in the
 early 1920's.  All and any help and suggestions truly
Great page and it gives one hope.
Bruce Bates


SS'MALOJA'to Australia Jan.1951 + SS 'ORMONDE' return
UK Feb.1952 -
I was 6 years old when my family and I emigrated to
 Australia in 1951 under the Assisted Passage Scheme. 
We sailed from Tilbury Docks on Wednesday 17th January
 in the P&O Liner 'MALOJA', arriving in Brisbane on 
Monday 12th March 1951. We returned on the Orient Liner
 'ORMONDE', sailing from Brisbane on 25th February 1952.
 My older brother has diaries from these times and we 
have both written accounts of our experiences. We would 
be very interested to hear from anyone who was on either
 of these journeys, or who knows of others who were, and
 to share our own remembrances.
Vivian Sadler


i am looking for any one with surname or maiden name of
 Peters who may have been sent away in the early 1930's
 from the London area who,s mothers name was Florence Ivy
 Petrs one boy was called Alan peters
Vivian Sadler


Re my last message Peters
I have six or seven half brothers
or sisters who i have never met
and as i was put into a home I expect when their father died
that's where they went thank you 
They would be around 70is or more
Marsha Scott
same as above

I am an adoptee who spent 11 years searching for birth family.
 I found my birth father and learned he was a 'Home Child'. 
 I am now trying to find the family he was separated from,
 particularly his sister who may still be alive. His name is
 James Victor Stannard, sent to Canada from the National 
Children's Home on the Dutchess of Bedford sailing March 27, 1931.
 My father lived in Downham Market, Norfolk at the time he was
 sent to the orphanage.  The date of entry was 1926 when he and
 his brother Horace were placed into care. I do not have a
 birthdate on the sister, Phyllis, only that she was 6 years old
 at the time and remained with the grandmother, Ada Stannard.  
 ANY assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated as 
I cannot find any records on the grandmother or the sister..... far.
Thank you.
diane parker
as above

My mother was a child migrant form Nazareth house in Wales. She
 came out to Perth WA on the ship Asturias in 1947. She was 12
 years of age. Her sister margaret was left at the orphanage
 and they never met until 20 years later. My mother Mary Morgan,
 and her sister Margaret were put into Nazareth house 1937/38.
 An older brother James was sent to Swansea and another brother 
Alec joined the navy. THe children were put into care because
 their mum was ill and father was not around. The youngest 
brother a baby aged 15 weeks was taken to Nazareth house but he
 was rejected because he was not baptised. We only know that he
 was given to a family and that they lived in High St in Rhymney 
Valley. The street has since been modified and the houses torn 
down. Anyway my poor mum passed away many years ago as has her
 two older brothers. 
They were never reunited. Her sister Margaret is still alive
 but she would like to find her little brother who was given away.
 She doe not even know his name.We know this is a long shot but we
 thought that maybe someone out there might know something.
 THe mother and father of the baby were May & Griffith Morgan of 
Robinson Row Rhymney. THis child may not know they are adopted but
 they may have been sent to an orphange. Anyhting could have 
happened to this child, my uncle. We estimate they he would be
 around 64/65 so there is a good chance he is still alive. My 
aunty would like to find her borther as he is her last relative.
 If anyone has any clues we would be grateful. Yours sincerley

Diane parker 
Perth WA
g bruyere

Anyone who remembers a little girl about 7 years old, on a boat
 to Canada with the name Irene Mary Baxter, she would have been
 on the boat during Christmas. She is my grandmother and has 
told me stories of Father Christmas being on the ship. Please 
contact, me my grandmother is now 86 and i would love to be 
able to connect her with others from that ship.
Elizabeth Blythin 
tell me more about child migration

can you tell me more about the child migration trust
Margaret Mills
email address above

I was a child when our mother became sick and my sister and I
 were put in the convent in nazaeth house in north road cardiff
 we were only 4yrs and 7yrs and the awfull cruelty that those nuns
gave to us was awful, they call themselves good and holy but they 
but they were the devil in black, oh how I hated them and I still do
then we 12yrs and I was 14 yrs they sent my sister out to Australia
and put me to work for the preists for nothing all day morning to night.
but they could not break me as I was a strong girl and used to stand up
to them, they used to have a picture on the wall in the dorm with Jesus
holding children around him saying suffer little children come unto me, 
and I did I used to pray to him, and I hope all those nuns and other beasts
of prey have somehow suffered in their lives that made all us kids 
suffer in the so called holy orders around the world and to
 those who did suffer I wish you well with the rest of your
 lives regard margaret. melbourne australia

Please send me any information on child migrants. I am very interested to
 now, real life cases aswell as anything else you now. Thank-you very


These stories cause me great sadness, and it took very brave people to 
tell them. Did any of the children ever hear from their families, and
 did any of them escape, or manage to return to their former homes back
 in Britain etc.
nellie johnson
please e-mail

I am looking for my grandfather, Philip Hollingsworth.  Here's my start
 - A Phil Hollingsworth is listed as a passenger on a ship called The
 Corsican, which sailed from Liverpool to Quebec in May 1909.  His age
 was listed as 13 and he was being brought over by The Church of 
England.  We know he was at a a place called the Shoreham Boy's Home
 (or Farm).  He joined the Canadanian Army during the first world war. 
 In 1925 he rode a motorcycle to California and spent the rest of his
 life in the U.S.  We want to know the truth - where and when was he 
born?  who are his parents? sisters? brothers?  why was he brought 
to Canada by The Church of England.  If anyone knows anything about
 The Church of England's involvement in  child migration or if you 
have heard of The shoreham Boy's Home or Farm please pass on your 
information to me.  Thank-you and good luck to everyone else also
 looking for the truth. 


Where can i find information on real life cases/stories?
honnie hill
found after 50 year

last year we went to austrial for a hoilday as we were about to leave 
my mother in law said look for your cousin they where sent there on the
 migrant ships 
Kris Robertson


I am the daughter of a child migrant and hope to undertake research 
regarding the inter-generational trauma as a result of this scheme 
commencing in 2002.  I am currently completing my social work degree, 
hence the delay.  I feel this is an area that has been much overlooked
 and know from my own experience and contact with others, that there 
have been many issues, mnay of which I feel are attributable to the
 Child Migrant Scheme.  If you would be interested to hear more about
 my proposed research, or would consider telling your story, (once you
 know the scope of the research), please copntact me on the above email
 address.  Please do not send stories at this time.  Many thanks, 


Just found site thanks to Michael Stacey.My name is Mike Cunningham,
 My last known address in 1947 was 113 Greencroft Gardens, Hampstead
 NW6, both my brother John Kennedy Cunniingham and myself where 
placed in St Josephs Home, Holtswhite Hill, Enfield Middlesex and 
in 1953 sent out to Australia on the ship (New Australia)to Clontarf
 Boys Town, Western Australia. Many years have passed and we have not
 been successful in our search for our roots.If any one can help in
 any way we would appreciate it very much.

Hi from New Zealand,

Our newspapers are presently reporting that people who were formally
 in New Zealand Salvation Army orphanages are going public with their
 stories of abuse and mistreatment.

There's prospects of a multimillion-dollar group legal action against
 the religious charity.

If this affects you, I encourage you to please step forward.

A relevant newspaper article (7/4/2001) can be found here:,1008,739215a10,FF.html

I am not personally involved, however if anyone emails me I would be
 glad to find out the appropriate contacts for them.
sean glendening

i was looking up my family tree .and came across glendening on ship 
from uk to oz are you a glendening or are you searching please mail
 me also any one need help with familys from bolton lancashire uk i
 will try my best .good luck to all from me sean 
Linda Lewis
Dennis and Kenneth BOON

Searching for cousins of my mother who 'disappeared' after being
 put into care by their father on their mother's death.
Dennis Boon born 1922 and Kenneth Boon born 1924, Gillingham,
Kent UK.Mother: Edith Boon nee Lamkin
Father: Edward Arthur Boon
The maternal family were told they had been 'adopted'.
We have searched Canada and Australia but failed.
They would have been sent around the 1930's.
Any information would be welcome.
Linda Lewis


I am looking for a book by Geordie Welsh Called Geordie -Orphans of 
the empire can any one help me find this
Trish Lewis


looking for anyone who may have come in contact with a Pearl Mary Croote
 or Claypole or Johnson. Who was shipped from England to western Australia
 in the 1950s. Anyone who may know a Murve Johnson, please contact urgently 
as it is beleived he is her brother.
thank you
george harper
0267210467 NSW australia

to everyone looking for family or siblings please dont give up as they could
 also be looking for you.I had a very traumatic return to the UK in 1994 but
 that is another story A book to read about the homes is a book by Margret
 Humphreys  called "Empty Cradles" it  glosses over the hurt, the terrible 
food, no-one to call your own no-one to cuddle,I was sent to Australia at 
the age of 9 years old and what happened in my childhood has had a profound
effect in my adulthood So please to everyone searching for the truth,or
 family hang in there even if you think it is impossible it will happen.
Father Francis Keaney? 

According to CBN Report of the "Lost Children", The priest's name was
Francis Keaney not Paul Keaney? 
Who was Fr. Francis Keaney?

Can anyone tell me about his background? When was he born, where? 
george harper

My apologies to those of you who have had their emails returned try
without the www in the front I have had a discussion with our server
and everything checks out to Margret thanks for the phone call try it is the uk directory on line once again sorry folks
george harper
phone nsw Australia 0267210467 International dialing code applies

For anyone wanting to know the names of children who went to
 fairbridge farm school molong nsw australia from the years 1938-1972
 please contact me and I will do all possible to help.
Phillip Charlier

Hi, I am looking for any relatives of Harry Knowles who was transported
 to Australia about 40 years ago as a child migrant. He has not seen
 his sister, Patricia since. If any one can help contact by email or 
Loudoun House Museum Irvinebank, Australia
Cretia Olsen
Children's Aid Society..KNIGHTALL,Sydney..

Sydney Knightall age 16 was sent to Canada on the SS Virginian April 26,
1906 and arrived in Quebec 6 May 1906. He was to go to Winnepeg...
 I believe that Sydney is my great uncle. This Sydney is the George
 Sidney Knightall born 1890 in Leicestershire..born to Charles and 
Elizabeth Ann Mansfield Knightall.Elizabeth died in 1900.Charles was 
married twice having five children by his first wife Emmeline Forrester
 Knightall..and two(that we know of..) by the second wife..His brother
 was killed in WWI.I do not know why he went with the British Home
 Children unless he thought that he would have a better life in Canada..
  I am looking for information to place him in Canada and what happened 
to him. Did he stay or did he return to England..? I do not know what 
happened to him after he went on the ship...
 Anyone have any ideas at where to look? He does not appear anywhere I
 have looked so far..Thanks..all.
Johanna Thorpe
Re group photo

My mother-inlaw has found herself in the group photo on this web page 
Could someone please inform me of how to get a copy I am happy to
 reinburse for the costs.She on the left the first lady looking downwards.
 Her sister is on the right in the same photo. The group photo of all the
 children beside the ship "Strathaird" which arrived in Freemantle 9th 
August. The photo also appears in the book by Margaret Humphreys
 "Empty Cradles"
Anita Hadder

Well this is a real long shot,
I am looking for my sister Beatrice Levett, born march-june 1943 Worthing
 uk, just a poss that she was one of those children sent over to Auss,
Mother was Ruby Mitchell
Donna Buckley


I am searching for information on my grandmother Elizabeth M Barnett,born
 in Lancashire England and was sent to Canada in 1901 on the S. S.
 Scilian landing in N.S.with the Middlemore Homes. I do not have her
 parents names, or know if there were siblings.  Any help would be
 appreciated.You may e mail me at or
joanne cross

is there anybody from the swan homes in midland  i would like to find
 some of the people who where thers with me
David Berkes


I am trying to find any background information of a Robert Henry
 Reynolds born in England on 4 July 1875, and was living in the
 Barnard Home for boys before being sent to Canada.  He had a
 brother (twin?) who was sent at the same time to North Carolina. 
 Robert is my great-grandfather. 
Victor Crevatin


I am a first year social work student at Curtin University W.A.
Our reading material included a book by the title of Empty Cradles
 written by Margaret Humphreys. I was horrified, shocked, and deeply
 sadened from what i read, and my heart went out to the people
 portrayed in the book, as well as the thousands of poor children who
 had there lives savaged by our government and the pitiful organisation
 called the church. 
To Margaret Humphries you have my deepest respect and you have given me
 inspiration to complete my degree and to make a difference to in our 
sad and sorry World.
To those who suffered the truama, the abuse, the seperation and the 
anguish via the Child Migration scheme, you also have my deepest
respect, and i wish that there was something i could do to make a 
difference. Love and respect to you all.
Nikki Wales


My Grandfather James Nelson Smith was a child of the Barnado Home
 Group and was sent to Canada on the S.S. Cedric. He arrived in Nova 
Scotia on March 9, 1924. He was then sent to the Marchment Home in
 Belleville, Ontario. We know very little of his family left in England.
 We do know that he had two sisters one which died in WW2, she was a
 nurse. His parents names were Jack(John possibly) and Amy Smith. They
 lived in Bath England. My Grandfathers birthdate was Dec 25,1911.
 We are looking for any information that will help us in our search 
on our family history




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