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Missing Persons Database


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Database 1

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I'm trying to contact an old school friend. Her name is Helen Fisher d.o.b is 16.04.71 (i think).She went to Woodcot Junior School in Gosport then the Royal School of Bath.Her sister was called Rachel Fisher and her mum was called Peta Fisher. I know her parents moved to Suadi Arabia in the 1980's.
Michelle Williams

I am searching for 1 sister, Margaret or Susan Reed and 2 half brothers/sisters. We were the offspring of June Lillian Reed or Albert Henry Reed. I was born 1956 in Scunthorpe maternity home and lived in the Lincoln area.
Anthony Paul Colin Reed

David Auty born 21.12.73.Blackpool please get in touch with your mother.

Searching for Paul Kanter (P. Kelleher)
Hi Paul,
We are all missing you please get in touch with Anke, Peter, Neil and Jillian.
Anke Kanter

I am trying to contact Elaine K Humphrey,i last heard she may be staying in London.Elaine comes from the Scottish borders,and her sister Anne is a doctor.She also has a friend called Margeret who lives in Edinburgh.
Robert (BOB) Birnie

I am looking for my birth mother,Kathleen DENNIS,16.10.1923. Her last known address was 66,St. Mary's Road,Benfleet,Essex.She may have moved to 37,Hillside Crescent,Liegh on Sea in the late fifties.I would love to know more about her,please help,thank you.
Kelvin Barber

SALTLEY COLLEGE, Birmingham. Hoping to contact anyone who trained at this teachers' college, especially 1961-64. Greetings from Roy Smith, Vancouver, Canada.
Roy Smith

Am looking for my mother who walked out in november 1987 from our home in Skegness lincolnshire while my father was at work last known about in Leicester have written to most of the addresses given without any luck. Her full name was Sharron Lesley Valet Pegg. Her married name was Brown she was born on 15th July 1958? in Leicestershire. Her father passed away without seeing her three years ago your help please as there will be two of her sons getting married this year
Vernon Brown

Hello, I am trying to locate my family in England. I was born 25 Richmond St, Chingford, my father Alfred Richard Floyd and mother Esther (Major) Floyd migrated when I was 3 to Australia tho intention at the time was to S. Africa. My dad lost contact with his family in England, I believe his siblings were Edward, Fredrick, Alice, Beatrice, Bill. I think Christopher Floyd in England is my cousin but unable to locate....any information appreciated....RICHARD ANDREW FLOYD
Richard Andrew Floyd

Hi my name is Robert Malcolm Sanders I was born on the 17.3.54 at St Martins Hospital, Bath. My mothers name at the time of my birth was Betty Ann Archibald she was unmarried and aged 20 at the time, because of this after the birth my mother and myself were moved to The Hostel for Women & Girls & Babies Hillview, 12 Walcot Parade, Bath. I believe that my father was aged 32 and his surname was Tutcher. I was adopted by a couple called Arthur and Jean who lived in Northolt Middlesex at the time. The adoption took place through a court in Muswell Hill London N10, and was possibly arranged through The Homeless Childrens Aid Society and Adoption Society & F B Meyer Childrens Home, 54 Grove Avenue, Muswell Hill London N10. I would love to be able to trace my birth mother so if anyone can possibly help it would be appreciated greatly. Thanks hope to hear from your soon.
Robert Malcolm Sanders

I was born to Winifred Anne Carter on May 26,1962 in Maidstone England . It was an open adoption and from what Ive been told she and my grandmom used to take me for walks.At the time of my birth she lived at 18 Buckland Hill maidstone or so the court papers say. Can anyone tell me how to get her date of birth ect. Its hard being here in the states to get any info.And by the way we named one of our twins after here her name is winnie for short and she would loveto meet her grandmother, as we all would.
Donald Lee Horne

Hi Iím trying to find Renee Ellen Feasey nee Mcglashen she vanished in 1955 after a incident with my grandfather and has never been seen since she left behind her three small children who were taken into care before being returned to their father. She would be in seventies by now and we think she is still alive as no record of her death can be found. we are hoping to find out what happened to her after her diapparance please contact me on

DAPHNE MAY H Gave birth to daughter CLARE SUSAN (renamed Tracey Margaret) on 25 SEPTEMBER 1965 IN NEW CROSS HOSPITAL, WOLVERHAMPTON Possibly from Uttoxeter I would love to make contact
Tracey Winwood

I am looking for my birth father Peter Townsley. Any help would be great. I was born on 10/11/80. I think he was born March/April 1961 or 62.
Katie Preston

I am trying to trace my birth Mother Winifred May Ford My name at birth was Charles Thomas Ford and I was born on the 9th August 1955 at Neithrope Hospital Banbury Oxfordshire. Last known address was Buckingham Road Tingewick nr Buckingham Buckinghamshire.
any information please e-mail
David Davies

Does any one know an Edward Langridge, known as Eddie? Eddie lived in the Cricklewood area of North London in the 1960s, and knew a Marion Page of Hatch End. Marion had a son, Paul Freeman Page, on 23rd August 1964, and Eddie had irregular contact with his son for the first 6 years. We think Eddie moved to Bungay in Norfolk. He was employed as a chauffeur. Paul remembers that Eddie drove a Zephyr. We would love to find Eddie, and reunite him with Paul, and also introduce him to his two granddaughters. If anyone can help us in any way at all please contact us on
Sara Page

Can anyone help me, I am trying to trace my half sister, birth name JANE GRIFFITHS DOB 12th SEPTEMBER 1955, possibly adopted late 1955 early 1956, I would love to make contact with you I could give you so much information about your birth mother and father, possibly adopted within south staffordshire/shropshire area, any information please e.mail NJAAJ@EWITT.FREESERVE.CO.UK
Jackie Hewitt

Trying to trace my wifes birth mother and father. My wifes name is mary, maiden name kilmartin born 1/7/48 glasgow sister harriett born5/8/49 glasgow fathers name james kilmartin mothers name agnes maiden name knox. Mary and her sister were baptised at St joseph,s 40 northside rd c4. This is all the information i have.
kind regards gerry hollywood

Jai Andre Page. Born 31.05.69 in Hull, England. The adoption was through the York Adoption Society. It was thought that there was another adopted son.
any information email

I am looking for Jayne Filbey,formerly of 145 pacific Road,Trentham,Stoke on Trent.She moved from this address October time 1999.I cannot locate through directory enquiries and am puzzled as to why she did not inform me of her move as i thought we had remained friends. She is my late fathers widow
Elaine Palfreyman

Looking for information on birth parents
I was born(Boy) 04 September 1963 In Edinburgh Scotland then adopted out to a couple living in Fife
If this sounds like someone you know something please contact me.
Russell Barclay

Trying to locate an old friend, Ted Hunt last known address Granville Rd Hayes Middlesex, has two brothers Jeff and Joe
john richards

Helen Jenkins, looking for natural mother, MARY MCKENNA, born 1942, Manchester, England. Helen was named Paula at birth in Adelaide, Sth Australia. Mary worked at the home for the incurable. Mary's parents died when she was 10 and was placed into St Josephs Convent, Eccles, Manchester. Mary has 2 brothers and 2 sisters.
Helen Jenkins

I would like to find ex Lt. Cmdr.Bernie Art-bruen. Could be living in the Devon/Cornwall area. Ex ship mate.
Mike Jefferies

Searching for maternal grandmother, Maureen Fraser, or her famliy. She gave birth to Margaret Jean Fraser in March 1932 at Sheffield St Hospital SE London. Margaret was then fostered from 3 months of age, Maureen was supposed to come back for her & never did. Would love information about Maureen &/or her family. Thanks, Sue

I was born at Park Royal Hospital, London,On Nov 13 1960 and was adopted privately by Pat and Peter Garner-Richards who were then residing in Luton Beds. My birth mother's name was Wade aged about 18 and emigrated with her sister to Australia soon after. My parents and I emigrated to the USA in 1963.
Joy Doolittle nee Garner-Richards

JAMES HOLLAND Bn 13/4/1974, in Exeter, Devon
Adoption handled by Families for Children in Exeter, he may have been adopted in the same area.
Please contact your half sister I have news of your family
Vicki Farthing

Hoping to locate my mothers family in Southwest England. Her name was Joan Light born 04/21/23, she married a Canadian serviceman, Ivan R. Phillips, 10/01/45 in Horsley. She has a surviving sister Edith Downey, Nailsworth and a surviving brother, Charles in Stroud. It is their children and grandchildren I would like to locate. Also cousins Stephen and Susan (Light)son and daughter of my deceased uncle Raymond. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Karen Anne Phillips



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