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Data Base 5


In the 1861 Census my Johnston family are listed as living in the Carnbroe Square area of Holytown in Bothwell. I believe that this area was eventually demolished and is now the site of a housing development.  Can anyone tell me a little more about Carnbroe Square and where it is located? Daniel Kerr

Has anyone any photographs of 2nd Airdrie Boys Brigade around 1947/1948 - my father James Meldrum was a Lieutenant and I would love copies of any
photographs thanks Maz 

What is "Grossetmuirhead"? Is it a family name or is it the name of a house?  Peter van der Krogt,

I am trying to find out where  "Browns land" was situated in Old Monkland.  Can anyone help? Alec O'Donnell

In the 1881 Census - Alexander Tait and his wife Mary Connelly were living at the Neilsons Land in Old Monkland. Both were born in Ireland. Would it be possible to establish when and from where they arrived in Scotland.  Can anyone help? Gwyn.

Does anyone have any information on Anderson Turner "Scottish Deerfoot"  born
Shotts 1838 and died Pollokshaws 1919 - may have been something to do with an annual race at Carnwath area.   Other names in Monklands are - McLeaver, McLaver, McLiver; Elder, Gibson, Turner, McFarlane    Marion Lanham , Sussex

My father James Meldrum was a lieutenant in the 7th Airdrie Boys Brigade C 1947/1948.  I would love to see or have copies of any photographs around this period.  .Marion

Anyone know if there is a Shotts Local History Group?

Could anyone tell me which mine or mines would have employed a resident of Bellshill from around 1892 to 1914?  Needless to say it would have been within walking distance of home (now ~150 Clydesdale Road).  I know that the name of the local pub was "The Cage"!  A few  years ago, I met the owners of the re-named pub, (Samoyed?) and had a wee draft in honour of the miners. TIA, Elizabeth Dods  Toronto

Can anyone help Beverley??  Hi John,  I was given your name as someone who may know the answer to my question.  I would like to know what McQueen's Buildings are or were. My GG Aunt was married there in 1876, her name was Wilhelmina McQueen. Her home was listed as McPhersons Land Coatbridge. I would appreciate any information on these two places. Thanks, Beverley (Canada) 

I am trying to research the various "Lands" in the Monklands area.  If you were born in one or know of one and its location - drop me an e-mail - Many thanks in advance! 

Wonder if you can help me.... how do I find out which regiment my grand-
father served in and any details of his army record ?  I think he was in the
H.L.I. He enlisted in 1914 (straight out the Swan Tavern in Chapelhall and
into the recruiting office). Thank you, Elizabeth Reid. Sydney.
ex Baillieston. Elizabeth Reid 

Hi John,  My great grandfather was born at Garden Square, New Monkland in 1869. Is this the same Garden Square that is on the 1878 map of Airdrie? Was Airdrie called New Monkland in those days? Thank you. Jean Campbell, Southern California

Hi John My husband's grandmother was Margaret Taylor Black who was born in Airdrie, Lanarkshire. His family is interested in tracing her family back to it's clan association. According to the sept lists that I have searched the
Black name could be linked to three separate clans -- but which?? It's
either Lamont, MacGregor or Maclean. Any ideas or information would be
appreciated.  Tina M. Fox

Hello.  Can any one help? I am researching a painting -It is entitled "The Minister's Fiorde"  It is a painting of a minister on a horse crossing a river. In the background you can see a waterfall and a church on a hill.   It appears to have been painted in the 1800's in Motherwell or nearby.  I am trying to get any information on the artist or the place depicted.  
Steve Lyons   Click to View Painting

Does anyone know the origins of the name for Muirmadkin in Bellshill?  My family name is Matkin with variations of Madkin, Madkins, Matkins, etc. and I wondered if there might be a connection to this area.  Thanks.Cindy Stiene

RAWYARDS  Found your site on the internet whilst looking for some history on my old family home. I was brought up in Airdrie and went to Chapelside primary then onto the Academy, I beleive the rector was called Henderson. I lived with my grandparents at Rawyards Farm which on the death of my grandfather was demolished by Boots Chemists who were in fact the landlords, this was a purely financial move by Boots to save on taxes, a shame really but such is life. I would be interested to find out any earlier history on the farm and its original occupants who were I beleive called Woods. As a matter of local interest my grandfather was quite a pioneer for his time and was featured in the local press in jan 63 for being the first farmer in Scotland to introduce the breed of Charlois calf. This was a bold and dramatic risk at that time. My grandmother who is now nearly 90 still lives in Airdrie but is in poor health. Any knowledge or interesting fact would be appreciated. Hamish D.Cole 





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