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Database 15



I'm looking for the birth mother of a friend, she was called JEAN WOOLLEY and came from BEBINGTON, THE WIRRALL, MERSEYSIDE. His fathers name was TERRY WILSON. My friend was born on 11/12/61 in a nursing home in Withington and was adopted. The last address he has for his mother was 21 The Crescent, Bebington. If anyone has any information, please contact me.

Jane Brooks
I am looking for Lawrence,Edwin and C/Katherine Brooks. These are the family from my fathers first marriage. I would love to be able to get in touch with them, I see them as my family. Please can they get in touch, even if its only to tell me to get lost, which I would understand.

Valerie Reeve
I am looking for my birth mother BARBARA WILSON. I was born in Drypool Hull on 19/10/1961. My birth name was Dawn Wilson. My birth mothers address at the time was Kingsway North, York. She will now be approximately 58. She has 5 brothers. Since leaving school she had been employed in a factory as a machinist making shock absorbers. I believe the place she worked was Monroe Europe Ltd. I have other information which may be helpful if necessary.

Hi, Ive just started a long-awaited search for my birth mother. Her name was MARGARET MCKENZIE WHITE and mine was MARY CAROL CALDWELL WHITE born on 23/11/67 in GLASGOW. Margaret lived in Netherauldhouse Rd.

Robin A. Fairservice
I am looking for a cousin, born Michael John Fairservice at Orpington on April 6, 1944. Parents Henry Charles Fairservice and Maureen Crumpler. Taken into care by the LCC and last heard of at a Hostel in West London in 1962 when he was 18. He probably does not know that he has four brothers who would like to see him. He is not the Michael John Fairservice who lives on the Isle of Wight.

Nathan James Harding
Hello World. My Birth name was Nathan Yorick Young and I am looking for information concerning my Birth parents Jack and Carol Young who lived in Stourbridge, West Midlands UK in the 1960's. I was given up for adoption soon after my birth and adopted by a family living in London.If you should have any information or advice concerning this I'd be happy to receive it.Many Thanks

peter pritchard
looking for anyone that has got John Thomas Etheridge or Thomas Pritchard from Wolverhampton in 1910 in their family

Birth mother seeking son born 30.04.64 at Evesham Hospital Worcs. Birth name was Paul Woodyatt; believed christian name was changed to Mark. Adopted in Bromsgrove in November 1964. Worcester Children's Dept. handled the adoption. I've registered with NORCAP and with Worcs Social Services, now all I can do is wait. If anyone knows him please ask him to contact NORCAP etc. Thank you and good luck to you all.

Julie Macavoy
I am searching on behalf of a friend for a birth mother and sibling for a STEPHEN MCGOLDRICK born on 20th May 1977 in Glasgow. His mother's name is KATHLEEN MCGOLDRICK. He was adopted through St. Margaret's Society, Glasgow. He has a sister who would be about 25 years of age. Can you please e-mail me and I will pass on any information to him. Many thanks.

Pamela Gantley
Derek Hamond is the friend that I'm trying to contact He is from Manchester. We both trained as nurses together in 1985. He then moved on to Birmingham. Last known to be living in Devon in 1998.
Looking for Catherine (Rosabella) Small. I was born at the Mission of Good Hope, Parkhill Rd, Croydon, Surrey on September 8th 1957.

Tracey Howard
Hi my name is Tracey I was born in Dulwich London 7.7.1964 birth name Tracey Anne McGinn. I am looking for my birth mother Margaret Ann McGinn d.o.b.3.10.1944 and half sister Theresa Ellen Forsythe d.o.b. 28.4.61. Last known address 346 Kennington Road Kennington London SE11. Margaret was was a housekeeper at 86 Eden Park Avenue Beckenham Kent, left there and later worked in a factory. She was Roman Catholic (not practicing. I know Margaret did not want to give me up for adoption but didn't have a choice. Please if anyone knows of Margaret or Theresa's whereabouts please contact me.

Debra Francine Gray
Looking for Katherine MacKenzie my 'Birth Mother'. Formerly of Kingston upon Thames area, she would be approx. 52 years old now. My DOB is 21.06.69, and was privately adopted to Fred and Sylvie Gray (the best parents in the world) formerly of Earlsfield, London. I would like to maybe become friends? Please contact me if you know anything?

Jacqueline Ann Butcher nee Parker
I was born 23/10/67 my mother is named as maureen smith she later married I was born in Ilford Maternity home and adopted six weeks later. My fatherr is named as Douglas Sandy (think I found him thanks Julie%21) I need to speak to her or someone that knowa her family for medical reasons PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU CAN

Julie Macavoy
I am searching on behalf of a friend for a birth mother and sibling for a STEPHEN MCGOLDRICK born on 20th May 1977 in Glasgow. His mother's name is KATHLEEN MCGOLDRICK. He was adopted through St. Margaret's Society, Glasgow.He has a sister who would be about 25 years of age.Can you please e-mail me and I will pass on any information to him. Many thanks.

John (Lynch) Woelflein
I am searching for my birth mother. Her name is Frances Lynch from Taghmon, co. Wexford, Ireland. She would be near 70 years old now, if she is still living. I was born on 30 June 1951 in Roscrea, Co.Tipperary (Sean Ross Abbey). I would also like to know about my birth father. Thank you.

Anne-marie Curnow (fisher)
Im trying to trace the whereabouts of Robert Day, who went out with Jeanne Fisher of Stanhope Road, Smethwick, Warley, in the early 60s. He would be about 57 now. Thanks for any help you can give me. Please e-mail me at or ph.(08) 82859456 I don't know the country code for Australia.

Lesley Phillips
I am searching for my sister, DOB August 6th 1947, birthplace hope hospital,Salford Manchester, birth name, Kathleen Millington, not sure when she was adopted, any help realy appreciated.

Karen Lovell
Jones, Emily - I am searching for information about my grandparents. My mother was adopted in 1938. Her mother's name was Emily Jones, last known address 28 St Josephs Road, somewhere in Birmingham. Father not known. My mother was christened Sylvia Jones. If anyone has any information about Emily or her relatives please contact me.

Gillian Rosie
I am trying to find an old school friend of mine. Her name is Jane Syratt and she will be 24 on the 29 Dec. We have not seen one another for 5-6 years and I am eager to find her whereabouts as I have moved house since we last talked and she will not be able to find me. If anyone knows where she stays or even has heard of her then contact me please

Edward McDermott
I am looking for a David Jonathan McDermott born 26/09/80 in Chatham. Last known area East Kent.

jamie daw
looking for my sister sylvia daw born 14.08.72 at barry memorial hospital. thats all the info I know

Sarah Swift
I am searching on behalf of my husband RICHARD DAVID SWIFT.He is looking for his birth mother MAUREEN MARY McEVOY.He was born SEAMUS McEVOY and was also known as CHARLES McEVOY.He was born on 26 SEPTEMBER 1973 in HACKNEY, LONDON.MAUREEN's partner was OWEN McEVOY. Richard does not want to cause any upset to Maureen or her family and would like even just a photo of Maureen.Maureen has a beautiful 3 year old Granddaughter.PLEASE HELP US TO FIND MAUREEN MARY MC EVOY

Sarah Horner
I'm trying to locate my Birth Father - Allan Steele (Spellings could be slightly different) He would be about 50 -60 yrs old now. He worked in the Brighton Area during 1966-1967 and possibly went overseas to Spain Mid 67.I was born 21.07.1967 and have met my Birth Mother. The only other info I have is that Allan's Home Town was North England. Any Leads

John Mccutcheon(Peter George)
Looking for my natural mother called Caroline E.C.J.George.I was born on the 24/4/67. Caroline moved to Australia with her parents in late 1967 early 1968.

Andrew redman
im looking for my grandfather whos name is alfred redman he was born in blaenavon wales,he would be about 84/85 now as far as i know he has or had three brothers and three sisters .his brothers names are george,fred,and philip i beleive and i think one of his sisters names was nancy ,he married in oct 1939 in wick bristol to a olive margreat spill and had a son terrence george.they devorced soon after i beleive he now lives back in wales would any one with any information please contact me

TJ Martin
I have been searching for any living relatives of my grandfather who went by the name of Albert Martin in the U.S. I do believe his name was once Cadamarteri. He was born in Bradford, England in 1894 to Mary Jane Cadamartin (name, I believe changed from Cadamarteri) His family had an ice cream business in Bradford in the 1940's. Any info much appreciated.

Nick Mortin
My grandad is looking for Geoffrey Clench. Between 1942 and 1946 he lived in Southampton. He was also in the R.A.F. My grandads name is William Mortin aka Bill Mortin. Please could you get in touch with me via the email address, so that i can pass it on to him.

kieran duff
I am searching for Brigid Conneely ( mn Flaherty ).Brigid was married to John Conneely and may live in Cork Ireland. Brigid's parents were Martin & Brigid ( mn O'Donnell )and lived in Killough, Spiddal, Ireland but may have moved to Galway during WWII. Brigid had a brother Johnnie who was born in Killough, Spiddal, Ireland 17-01-1913, but sadly died about 10 years ago. Johnnie lived and worked in and around the Shepherds Bush / Hammersmith area of London in the late 1940's.In 1977 Johnnie, may have been working for a man called Conroy and living in Camden or Kentish Town. As far asI know Johnnie has a son and a daughter.

Angela North
RITA THOMPSON. I am looking for my birth mother, maiden name Rita Thompson. Believed to be from Hull but last known to have lived in Rowley Grove, Stafford in the early 1970's. I was born on 4th April 1967 and baptised as Angela Thompson at Sutton Church, Yorkshire on 30th May 1967. I have been looking for some time and would love any information.

Keith Goodwin
I am searching for my birth mother, DOROTHY ROBINSON, whom I believe was originally from Cornwall and was at that time, employed as a canteen store keeper. Dorothy gave birth to me at Sharoe Green Hospital in Preston on 31st October 1950 and I was named KELVIN CHARLES ROBINSON. I was adopted soon after birth and my name was changed to Charles Keith Goodwin. Both my parents are now deceased and I would love to find more out about Dorothy and/or any relatives. It is possible that Dorothy joined the Royal Air Force after leaving Preston although I cannot be certain of this.

Tia deMontigny
My teenage daughters e-mail friend. CHLOE RICHMOND age 17 of London. Hospitalized with a grave sickness. Her parents sent us all a very grave e- mail telling of the situation. Last known contact address was her e-mail Please help us find her or her parents,perhaps the old billing address to this account. All information varifiable. We are desperate to know of her condition.

Elaine Biswas
I am trying to find my cousin her name is Grisel Pearl Victoria Shelbrooke-Tarifa she was born on the 8th March 1969.Grisel was left by her mother (my aunt) and Grisel was raised by her father Hugo Albert Tarifa - which was unusal at that time.Hugo was a university lecturer and when Grisel was around 2 they moved from the London area up to Wolverhampton but im not sure how long for.I am told that Grisel maybe working as an architect and that her and Hugo are still living down London way but have nothing to confirm this.Hugo my aunt were married on the 3rd June 1971.Which is why i am unsure of Grisel's surname as they married after Grisel was born.Hugo is i think Bolivian and him my aunt divorced in 1979.If Grisel or Hugo or anyone knows them or their whereabouts please get in touch.If Grisel Hugo do not wish contact then i will respect their wishes.I would just like to know if they are both okay and perhaps one day meet up?? Grisel's mother does not know i am trying to find Grisel as it is then Grisel/Hugo's choice if they want contact with her or not.Thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck with all your searches. Elaine

John Carney
Adoptions. South-East: South Norwood, London.
My son, you were born on April 23rd 1959. I have been searching for you for 41 or more years. You were taken from me by my mum who put you up for adoption behind my back. You have 5 other siblings who would love to find their brother. Your father's name is not on your birth- certificate but his name is Francis Newman. If you never find me, you deserve to know who your father was. Love You, Mum xxxx
Bernice Carney Bazin.

Jacqueline Smith
Harry DOUTHWAITE (This is me second posting in hopes that anyone who had trouble contacting me may try again) My Grandfather was born in County Durham around 1913 0r 14. His parents names were George and Eleonor. He was married to my Nana (Audrey Raine) until the earlie fifties. After this time, he talked with family and friends of emigrating from England to South Africa, Canada, United States, New Zealand, or Austrailia. All trace of him was lost after this time. While married to my Nana, he was a member of the RAF. He loved to write, paint, and draw cartoon figures. He loved all animals. My Grandfather had three brothers , Jack (deceased) Maurice (deceased) and George, (who is indeed still living, but can not help us) My Grandfather had three children Verity, Daryl (my mom who is also desperatly triing to find her dad) and Brian...All his ch! ildren would love to know what happened to there dad...and support me in this desperate search. If anyone know what happened to my grandfather..or may of known him at any time...Please please contact me at so much..and thanks you Julie for a wonderful site. Good Luck to you All, Sincerely, Jacqueline Smith

sarah harris
I am looking for a Geoffrey Kennard Rendell or Rendall who was born in 1924.His father was Christopher Alfred Rendell or Rendall and he was killed at the age of 40 in a motorbike accident.This occurred in the Hendon area of England.Geoffrey had two older sisters named Marjorie and Miriam who were older than him.Can anyone help me trace him??

diane snape
hi looking for miriam phillis lane,leeds 1954 ,my name was elizabeth lane i was born 10 july 1954.was put up for adoption in browning house,leeds.any help welcome

Delphine Marguerite Horsley (nee Butler)
I am searching for my father,STANLEY BUTLER DOB EARLY 1920'S. he married Joyce Groves in 1941 at Amotherby and was divorced early 1950's. He served with the Royal Bucks Regiment during the war and his army No. was 5338448.He was last heard of in the Buckinghamshire area, possibly Marlow.

Dianne Josephine Park
I am trying to trace any members of the Hughes family that lived at 20 Rudgrave Square Wallasey in the early 1950's.The two names I have are Maurice David Hughes and Emily Josephine Hughes (nee Lee). Any information regarding this family children etc. woul be verymuch appreciated.I was fostered by the Children's welfare department which was situated in Wallasey at the time. The two names I have from there was Irene Burgess (deceased) and a Miss thompson.I am interested very much in knowing if I have siblings. There would never be any pressure to meet unless it was so desired by all parties - I infact live in Canada.

Janet Sceats (nee Jeffries)
Further to my previous request for information about my uncle Peter Francis Brooks ex Royal Navy HMS Wizard-I understand people have been trying to contact me but have had problems with my e-mail address-PLEASE try again using this address instead.

Kay Dowey
Does anybody know the whereabouts of Ken and Ann Terry (Terrey). Last known address was 10 Rhona Road Hampstead or Ken's brothers Albert and Colin.

Marie Turner
I am looking for my birth mother Isabel Beckett.I was born on May 1st. 1960 in Glasgow Scotland, and given the name Bernadette Beckett. Fathers name on birth cert. Douglas Payne. Isabell Beckett was her name at that time. She was from Ireland and Douglas Payne was from Kent. They were in Glasgow Scotland In 1960.If anyone has information please email me.

Beverley Lloyd
Female adoptee Beverley Diane Jane Gill. Born 19th August 1972. Good Hope Hospital - Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, UK B/M - Linda Gill(?) B/S - Nicola Gill(?) Searching for any birth family.

Sandra Tyrrell
HELP.. I am looking for my friends half sister Elizabeth Taylor (nee Hunt) her brother Anthony (Tony ) Charles Hunt is looking for her.. She is married to a Rod Taylor and was born around 1955.Her last known address in 1970 was Wood Green, North London.. She also lived in Beresford Gardens, Enfield, Middlesex, as a child.. Anyone knowing her whereabouts please contact me, her brother is anxious to get in touch with her again..

William Murfin (Burgess until 1978)
I am searching for my natural parents, or anyone that may have helped me while I was in Eastcote children's home in Ramsgate. I was born on 19/10/1965, as William Burgess and was registered at Camberwell. I was taken to Eastcote children's home in Ramsgate at approx 2 months old, I was transferred to Eaton Hill children's home in Little Eaton, Derby, at the age of 4 years. At the age of 12, I was adopted and renamed William Murfin. If anyone can help me trace my past, e.g anyone that looked after me as a baby, or know the whereabouts of my natural mother & father, please contact me.

Helen Melanie Houston
I am searching for my birth mother and father. Mothers name Janice Mary Robinson last known address LONGEATON Notts.Born July 1948.Fathers Joseph Reginald Houston born Howitt Road London in 1939.I was born in the Queen Marys Maternity Hospital in Hampstead in 1969. I would appreciate any assistance anyone could give. Thanks.

Marina Healy
I am searching for Dora Mary mc Guinness nee Radford. She has a son named Philip and I think they are in Manchester or Coventry. My Name is Marina Healy, I reside in Ireland. I have found your sisters in Dublin, but they won't give me any information. I would to meet you Mam. Will someone out there help me to find her.




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