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Missing Persons Database


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General Info.



ABCfind has had been completely re-designed to make your search a lot easier, We now have 52 International Lost Persons Web-Sites.

Plus our new Main frame computer now gives us the space to search through the Data bases of all the different Web-sites for your loved ones name, We also put your name through the same search, you never know someone may want to contact you. Every new Advertiser goes through this system, before the Advertisement is placed. 

If your loved one is traced at this stage, All we ask is your permission to place you in our Found Section. This gives encouragement to others not to give up on their search.

We are at the moment establishing a system where as many as possible Lost Persons Sites on the Internet (Internationally) join forces,

 this in effect makes a Data Base of many millions of people.

Police Authorities, and Related agencies can Advertise Free in all ABCfind sites, But because of the size of this Project, a Donation towards the costs incurred would be appreciated.

The Staff at ABCfind wish you all good fortune in finding your loved ones.

We are available at all times to help, all e-mails are answered within 24 hours, 



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