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Missing Persons Database


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Database 7


If you wish to report someone missing, who may have been at the incident, telephone  Your nearest Police Station, please be aware that they will ask for the following information.



1. Why do you think the person you are concerned about may have been involved?

2. What is their full name and date of birth or approximate age?

3. What is their current or last address?

4. What is their home telephone number, including STD code?

5. What is their ethnic appearance?

  • White European

  • Dark European

  • African-Caribbean

  • Asian

  • Arab

  • Oriental

  • Other

6. Do they have any major distinguishing features i.e. unusual clothing, that would make them stand out in a crowd?

7. Did they go to the event on their own or with anyone else?

8. Did they go to the event in a vehicle? If so what is the make, model, colour, type i.e. saloon, estate, etc. and vehicle registration number?

9. Is there any other information about the person that may be helpful?



1. What is your full name and relationship to the person that you are concerned about?

2. What is your full address, including the country if it is outside the UK?

3. What is your home telephone number, including full dialling details if outside the UK?

4. Do you have a different contact number i.e. A pager or mobile telephone number?



1. Are you the next of kin?

2. What is the full name and relationship of the next of kin?

3. What is the address of the next of kin?

4. What is the telephone number and any other contact number of the next of kin?

It is important that you let other members of your family and friends know that you have reported someone missing, as they might be trying to contact the police to tell them the same information.

If the person who you are concerned about contacts you to advise that they are safe you should contact the Casualty Bureau straight away to pass on that information. This allows us to concentrate on those people who are still unaccounted for.

Any information that you supply will be recorded on a form and the details then entered onto a computer database. This helps manage the records as well as provide the Investigation Team at the scene of the incident with up to date details.

If you are reporting a family missing, a form will need to be completed for each family member who you are concerned about.

Once we have definite news about the person(s) who you have reported missing we will contact you. Therefore it is important that someone is near to the telephone to receive the call.

When a Casualty Bureau is activated, hundreds of callers will be trying to get through. We will try to deal with these calls as quickly as possible therefore you may find that you have to queue for sometime before being answered.




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